I'm Amber Shuey. I'm an expert at photography, a nerd when it comes to essential oils and all things wellness, and my passion is encouraging others to be intentional & live their lives on purpose.

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A Minnesota-grown, Jesus-loving, self-taught artist, photographer, educator, mama, CEO, homesteader, inquisitor, self-care activist, I'm multi-faceted and so are you! I love adventure, fluffy chickens, and not doing laundry, I work from my phone anywhere I am in the world empowering people to seek wellness & live more meaningful lives with greater impact. I'm glad you're here!

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Quotes I Love

I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
- Vincent Van Gogh

Being ourselves means sometimes having to find the courage to stand alone.
- Brené Brown

Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace.
- Oscar Wilde

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
- Audrey Hepburn

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone else's inability to see your worth.
- Unknown



His selfless, bold leadership...the way He served others, rather than coming to be served...his passionate love for all.

my inspiration



The vastness...the beauty in the chaos & coordinating colors...the effortless and instinctive obedience to God's design.



Their pure hearts...their unashamed, unapologetic exploration and creativity...their sweet curiosity and innocence.


Real Moments

White Daisies


Fall & Cozy

Lady Superior

Grizzly Bears

Fluffy Chickens

Essential Oils

Long Walks

• Windy weather; give me cozy, rainy weather OR sunshine any time
• Bacon. I'm probably in the minority here.
• Set schedules. I'm a free spirit through and through.
• Folding laundry. I'll wash & dry all day. 
• Action movies, how many times can I watch an explosion or fight?
• Small talk. I'd rather barf.
• "self-soothing" & "cry it out" (they're only tiny for a short season, friend)


• Jesus & coffee first thing in the morning
• Not wearing leg nor foot prisons (read: pants & socks)
• NingXia Red with sparkling water & on ice - YUM
• Growing my own organic foods
• Vanilla ice cream with nothing on it - Simplicity, baby
• Long walks & deep talks
• Co-sleeping & baby-wearing & breastfeeding & comfort-on-demand


What ARE the four wellness pillars, why isn't wellness the same as health, and why does it even matter?

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