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The Four Pillars of Wellness

Feb 21, 2020

by Amber Shuey

I’ve made it my personal mission to help other women feel whole and filled with passion and purpose by teaching what I simply call “the four pillars of wellness”. Before I elaborate a bit on that, let me make one distinction that I think is important:

“Health” is a state of your body, whereas “Wellness” is the overall state of your being/ essence/existence. Wellness and health are not synonymous terms, but, rather, health is an element of wellness.

Ok, so what are the pillars and where did they come from? Spoiler alert: personal experience.

It was the beginning of 2019 and I had been struggling with feeling truly well for years. I thought I was doing all the right things: working out, eating (mostly) organic and healthy, getting decent sleep, etc etc etc. I had even eliminated all of the harmful toxin-filled products in our home and replaced with healthy ones. But something was still off.

I began to ask myself: What really makes you healthy? Is “health” the same as “wellness”? When you think of a “wellness”, what immediately comes to mind? For me, I always just thought: good nutrition, exercise, and take care of your mental health… general mind & body care.

Honestly, I was feeling pretty hopeless. I felt like junk, despite the healthy lifestyle I was living. Perhaps overwhelmed and disheartened is a better description. Confused? Frustrated? Any All of the above. I knew deep in my bones that there was more to feeling awesome than simply nutrition, exercise, and mental health. I wanted to feel WHOLE every day. So I did what I know works: I prayed. I intentionally and persistently asked the Lord to guide me to answers; to show me what I was missing.

And here’s what He revealed to me; it’s simple, but profound:

If you ate amazingly healthy and exercised everyday, your mind functioned clearly, and you had the body of your dreams, but your connections with your loved ones were lacking, your faith was weak, or you never had time to do the things you love to do and that set your soul on fire, would you feel truly well? Would your whole sense of being feel full, joyful, abundant, purposeful?

WELLNESS is so much more than taking care of your physical body. True, wholesome WELLNESS is the result of being intentional – I learned – in four main areas (which I simply call “the four pillars” now):

FAITH + CONNECTION + HEALTH (physical mind & body) + CREATIVITY

Whoa. Bingo. It clicked for me (is it clicking for you?)! Whenever I am not intentional about spending time with God every day… whenever I am not cultivating my connections with other human beings in my life… whenever I’m not using the gifts, talents, and interests God has blessed me with as a creative outlet (for myself or to serve others)… and (most obviously) whenever I don’t take care of my physical self (mind + body)… I do not feel truly, 100% well.

Why “Pillars”? Because a pillar is a supporter; that which sustains or upholds; that on which something larger rests; that which reliably provides support for something. These four areas of our lives hold us up. If one pillar is weak, we feel it.

Mayyyybe this is SUPER obvious for some of you. But I have a feeling that there are some reading this and the light bulb is going off, just like it did for me.

The more I’ve dug in to this, the more I’m convinced that we were made for these things. We are literally designed to

  • be close to God
  • connect with other people
  • be creative
  • treat our bodies like temples

Wellness is multifaceted so that we can have a more vibrant life!

I mean, how boring would it be if all we ever had to do to be healthy and happy is eat kale and run every day. I like kale, actually, so #getinmybelly… running, though: solid pass. But you’re getting my point, right? Cultivating these four main areas of our lives, while not as simple as kale & running, yields SO much more.

Here’s my point: There’s hope and a lot of joy to be found in the process of strengthening these four areas of our lives. You’re not stuck where you are.

With a warm hug (channeling my inner Olaf, obvi) and words said from the love of a friend: You were made for more. You were made for wellness, purpose, and abundance – and you CAN make it happen; I’m here to help!

It’s my dream that, through the content I produce here on my little corner of the interwebs, that women just like you and I will be able to be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to take charge of their health and become the best version of themselves through the process. When we function within the boundaries of who we’re meant to be, we are able to have a greater impact and influence. It’s my dream to create a thriving, connected community – a tribe – of women that are Jesus-loving world-changers with one key thing in common: We want to become the best version of ourselves!

We’re all in this together.

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SKIMMER’S VERSION: I discovered, through prayer & difficult life experience, that there are FOUR key areas of our lives we need to be intentional in to feel truly well. I call them “the four pillars of wellness”: FAITH + CONNECTION + HEALTH + CREATIVITY. Pillars are the main support structures that support & hold something larger up. These four wellness pillars support our sense of wholeness – our overall wellness. If we are weak in any of these areas, we feel off. Making sure we take care to strengthen each of these areas of our lives helps ensure we live a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance – a life lived to the fullest! “No thanks, that sounds terrible.” ~Said no one, ever





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